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PostHeaderIcon Commercial AntiVirus Software

Thank you for visiting my blog. Here I will post the commercial Anti-Virus software that I recommend for your home or business computers. I have personally used these ones and they all work great! You don't need to worry about updating this one’s because they automatically update when you are connected to the internet. This one’s also have anti spyware protection, email protection, safe web browsing and contain extra features to keep your computers safe online. Always remember that even though you have Anti-Virus protection software install on your computer you are not always safe 100% from Spyware or Viruses.

When browsing on the internet or visiting websites you have be real careful about pop ups. If all the sudden you get pop ups asking for sensitive information or asking you to click on something to remove virus on your computer DO NOT CLICK ON IT instead on your keyboard press "ALT + F4" this will automatically close the pop up window for you instead of clicking on it. If you accidently clicked on the window or any link and your computer got infected don't worry. Just call me (512) 809-7742 or email me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it I can clean your computer and make it feel like home :).



PostHeaderIcon Free AntiVirus For Your Computer

Online you will find free antivirus software for your computer. But on this blog post I will post only the ones recommended by Obed Computer Services. Keep in mind that most of the free Anti-Virus software will not auto update. This means that you have to manually check for updates. I personally recommend you to check for updates every 3 days or every week. I have personally tested this free antivirus software and they are the ones I trust the most.